Good afternoon pilots,

I hope the other US Pilots had a good Independence Day vacation. With the hot weather here I spent more time inside working on the new website, but still much left to do. I'm tentatively planning on migrating the site to the new platform sometime in September at the present rate of development.

Larry has set up the next multiplayer flight - a seaplane tour of Vancouver Island, so get those seaplanes ready and join us on Thursday July 23. This flight will probably be a 2-day flight with the second half occurring on the following Thursday. The notice at the top of our site contains links to the flight plan information for those wishing to punch it into their own GPS, and download to a zip file containing a .PLN file that's compatible with FSX/P3D.

After working with Oswald, our first FlightGear Pilot, on a process that will allow us to see FG pilots during these multiplayer flights, I managed to get the system working on my computer and am currently preparing a tutorial for pilots wishing to fly multiplayer with FSX/P3d and FlightGear pilots. I'll be posting those tutorials prior to the flight date so you have time to install the additional addon and work through any problems prior to the flight date.

Happy flying,